March 18, 2013

Back At It Again

For me the blogging bug bit back in 2007 when I started my first blog. I had an Etsy shop at the time and used the blog as a way to promote my products. A couple years later I closed up shop and shut that blog down. Then I moved on to a craft blog, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It allowed me to cover a wide range of topics and create a nice collection of craft tutorials. Things were running along smoothly until a few technical hiccups happened along the way, which, if you’re interested, can read about here.

By that point I was burned out on crafting and tired of putting so much pressure on myself to come up with new and creative projects to present to the readers. Blogging was just no fun anymore, so I took a break.

Lately, I’ve been feeling antsy. I like to write and I really enjoyed my blogging experiences, so I’m back at it again. Still a craft-themed blog, but with an emphasis on living a creative life, which is what I’m striving to do.

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